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The authors of the works presented here lived in the period from about 1450 to about 1700. They wrote in Latin, and in the vernacular languages of their countries or city-states: Italian, French, and English. Both men and women wrote feminist works, often but not always at the request of a woman who held some political power, and often in response to a particular misogynist treatise or in the face of concerns about women usurping political power. The women authors had obtained an education, although we rarely are able to discover the details of that education. In some cases the women enjoyed considerable respect (Lucrezia Marinella, for example, was admired as learned and respectable), and in others they were treated with hostility and disdain (Marie de Gournay, for example, was subjected to insults aimed at her modesty as well as her intellect). Some were renowned in their time, others worked in relative obscurity.

Authors Writing in Italian

Authors Writing in French

Authors Writing in Latin

Authors Writing in English